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Capadecor® Stucco Eleganza

Pearlescent sheen for fine walls

The alternating silky sheen of seashells, mother-of-pearl, has always fascinated mankind. Painters can now conjure up this gentle sheen on walls with ease. The new Capadecor® Stucco Eleganza is easy to apply and guarantee perfect results. Capadecor® Stucco Eleganza emits a sense of luxury, be it as an isolated accent on a wall or throughout the entire room.

Convincing properties for superior wall design

  • Uncomplicated processing
  • Noble pearlescent sheen
  • Large variety of colours
  • Impressive metamerism
  • Low consumption

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Colour concept convinces with its diversity of colours

The large selection of colours and tinting options of Stucco Eleganza with ColorExpress puts no limits on individual design options of trendy designs. Open the door to modern design and colour diversity. Stucco Eleganza can be mixed with the Caparol3D System, as well as further colour collections, such as Caparol Trend 2013.