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Easy application on large surfaces

Rational application

The ready-to-use Caparol interior filling compounds Akkordspachtel SXL, Akkordspachtel SF "plus" and Caparol Ratio-Spachtel are highly suitable for use on medium-sized to large objects. High surface performance is achieved through the rational spray application of these products.  

The user-friendly Caparol AkkordRollspachtel is perfect for medium- to smaller-sized objects. It can be applied with a roller and enables quick and easy processing.

The filling compound Füllspachtel P is indispensable for filling larger holes as well as cavities. This plaster-based powder filling compound convinces with high adhesive power and quick hardening properties.

Akkordspachtel SXL

High filling, ready-to-use filling compound

  • Thick film
  • High adhesive force

Ready-to-spray, filling compound for professional application with good filling properties.

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Akkordspachtel SF "plus"

Easy to apply, user-friendly filling compound

  • Airless-capable
  • Smooth distribution

For rational spray costing, smoothing and mottling

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Caparol Ratio-Spachtel

Ready-to-spray, paste-based filling compound

  • Smooth application
  • Delivery in one-way container

High yielding filling compound for the commercial sector

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Particularly suitable for rendering smooth surfaces on prefab elements, concrete filigree ceilings and plasterboards.

  • Easy sandability
  • Good surface hardness
  • Rational handling

Caparol AkkordRollspachtel

Ready-to-apply filling compound specially for roller application

  • Time-saving thanks to practical roller application
  • Smooth application

Paste-based filling compound with very low net weight, that can be applied with a paint roller and then smoothed down to zero.

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Füllspachtel P

Synthetic resin modified powder filler

  • Plaster-based
  • Dries hard as horn

Prepared as paste with high filling power

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