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Interior filling compound

Versatile. Fast. Economical.

Now more than ever before, modern construction methods call for filling compounds with uncomplicated and reliable processing properties. Only in this way can the demanding needs of our customers be met – such as room-high windows or high-quality spotlights. Professional preparation of the substrate contributes decisively to the success of the work that follows. Here, the ready-to-use interior filling compounds by Caparol ensure quick, clean and efficient results. The outcome is smooth walls which serve as a true and sustainable calling card for any professional. We would like to invite you to browse through the following pages and get to know the Caparol offering of paste-based filling compounds and their application.

Filling compound by Caparol – Quality with the very best properties:

  • Rational surface rendering
  • Optimum processing, very best results
  • Generally no primer required
  • Time-saving, ready-to-use
  • Mineral-based and natural
  • Sustainably good: tested and monitored in line with strictest AgBB criteria [ German Committee for Health-Related Evaluation of Building Products]