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Capadecor® Calcino Romantico

Mineral lime smoothing technique for authentic stone surfaces

Smoothing techniques based on lime have a long tradition in the trade and even today natural products are playing an ever important role. Modest elegance and stylish aesthetics are characteristic of wall surfaces implemented using the lime smoothing technique.

With Calcino Romantico walls can be naturally and sustainably designed using the highest level of the craftsman's art.

Versatile design of ecological and high quality surfaces.

Irrespective of whether puristic concrete surfaces or classical travertine walls are involved, many techniques and design possibilities can be utilised with the mineral lime products without the natural origin being lost. Here, the worker is very important, because he crucially controls and influences the visual effect through his individual signature.

Furthermore, Calcino Romantico is also convincing with its excellent ecological properties:

  • Free of preservative
  • Good diffusion and sorption properties for improving the room climate
  • High whiteness level
  • Natural counteraction against fungal attack

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Absolut im Trend: Betonoptik und natürliche Steinoberflächen:

Allow yourself to be inspired

Capadecor Calcino Romantico is available as factory tinting in over 50 colours in the natural colour spectrum based on the Caparol 3D System plus.