Capadecor Calcino Romantico

Fine-grained, mineral based lime surfacer for high-grade
surface treatment in interiors.
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    Field of Application

    Fine-grained, mineral based coating for internal walls and ceilings, made of slaked lime, marble dust and water. Suitable for high-quality wall finish techniques, e.g. in representative offices, receptions and conference room areas, hotels, banks, leisure rooms, chancelleries and private buildings.

    Material Properties

    • Mineral.
    • Looks like stone.
    • Highly diffusion-capable, high sorption.
    • Elegant application (ductile).
    • Tintable in individual colours.

    Packaging/Package Size

      7.5 kg plastic bucket
    15.0 kg plastic bucket


    • Calcino Romantico: Natural white 
    • Tinting: Ex works (delivered ready-to-use)

    Available colours:  
    Colour Shades
    CAPAROL 3D-System
    AMBER20; 25
    CAMEO15; 95; 100; 105; 110; 115; 120
    GINSTER (BROOM)15; 95; 100; 105; 110; 115; 120
    GRANITE10; 20; 25; 30; 35; 40; 45; 50
    GRAU (GREY)30
    GRENADINE100; 140

    JURA30; 40
    Lago55; 90
    MAGMA95; 100; 105; 110; 115; 120;130
    MAI5; 15; 20
    OASE (OASIS)50
    ONYX25; 95; 100
    PALAZZO5; 20; 35; 85; 90; 95; 100; 105; 110; 115; 120; 130; 150; 180; 210; 240
    SAPHIR25; 30; 45
    SIENNA5; 10; 20; 35; 40; 55; 60; 70
    VENATO10; 20; 25; 40; 45; 50
    Mais (MAIZE/CORN)18
    Umbra dunkel/dark50
    Calcino Decor Colours1
    Agave 65+1; +2; +3; +4
    Agave 100+1; +2; +3; +4
    Aprico 65+1; +2; +3; +4
    Bordeaux 40+1; +2; +3; +4
    Caramel 100+1; +2; +3; +4
    Korall 165+1; +2; +3; +4
    Lachs 75+1; +2; +3; +4
    Laser 20+1; +2; +3; +4
    Lazur 125+1; +2; +3; +4
    Oliv 5+1; +2; +3; +4
    Onyx 100+1; +2; +3; +4
    Pacific 5+1; +2; +3; +4
    Pacific 100+1; +2; +3; +4
    Palazzo 220+1; +2; +3; +4
    Palazzo 225+1; +2; +3; +4
    Palazzo 330+1; +2; +3; +4
    Patina 35+1; +2; +3; +4
    Patina 40+1; +2; +3; +4
    Patina 65+1; +2; +3; +4
    Rose 105+1; +2; +3; +4
    Siena 165+1; +2; +3; +4
    Tundra 5+1; +2; +3; +4
    7023Betongrau (Concrete Grey)

    Please note: Specifications for Calcino Decor colours do not comply with Caparol 3D colours. The colour formulation is designed to the shade of Calcino Decor in the corresponding colour.

    Colours may vary, if compared with the printed colour card, depending on the type of surface treatment and texturing.

    Only use product of same batch on seamless surfaces or, when plaster of different batches must be applied, mix the entire quantity needed in advance to avoid material typical colour deviations.

    Gloss Level

    Mid sheen: silk-matt/semi-gloss to satin-finished
    (depending on the degree of compaction) 


    Keep in a cool, but frost-free place. Do not store below 5 °C. Keep partially used buckets/containers always tightly closed (hermetically sealed), thus avoiding agglutination and initial drying.

    Supplementary Product

    • Capadecor DecoGrund
    • Caparol-Haftgrund


    Calcino Romantico is tinted ex works and then directly delivered to the craftsman in ready-to-use consistency and therefore should not be stirred again. Stirring reduces the viscosity and, when inadvertently stirred, the product must be allowed to rest for approx. 2 days to recover proper application consistency.

    Suitability according to Technical Information No. 606 Definition of Application Areas

    Interior 1Interior 2Interior 3Exterior 1Exterior 2
    (–) inapplicable / (○) of limited suitability / (+) suitable

    Suitable Substrates

    The substrate must be sound/stable, dry, clean, and free from all substances that may prevent good adhesion. In Germany: Follow VOB, part C, DIN 18363, section 3.

    Substrate Preparation

    Interior Plasters in Mortar Groups/Classes PI (Lime Plaster), PII (Lime-Cement Mortar) and
    PIII (Cement Mortar):
    Coat solid, normally absorbent and even substrates without pre-treatment.
    Apply one priming coat of OptiGrund on slightly sanding, absorbent substrates.
    Apply one priming coat of Caparol-Tiefgrund TB or AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger on moderately or strongly sanding surfaces.

    Gypsum Mortar and Ready-Mixed Gypsum Plaster in Mortar Group PIV:
    Sand/grind sintered gypsum plasters (remove sintered skin and all sanding dust) and prime with Caparol-Tiefgrund TB or AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger.

    Gypsum Wallboards:
    Apply one priming coat of OptiGrund or Caparol-Tief­grund TB on absorbent boards (for sheeting see also gypsum plasterboards).

    Gypsum Plasterboards (Sandwich-Type Plaster Boards / Drywalls):
    Sand/grind off filler burrs. Strengthen soft and sanded gypsum areas (repairs) with Optigrund.
    Apply one priming coat of Caparol-Tiefgrund TB or AmphiSilan Putzfestiger on surfaces with a higher absorbency.
    Boards containing water-soluble and discolouring substances that leave marks must be primed with Caparol-Filtergrund grob (coarse). In Germany: Follow BFS Data Sheet No. 12, part 2.
    Note: Double covering (planking/sheeting) is essential for coatings with Calcino Romantico.
    Joints must be closed in such a way that a durable, crack-free covering is guaranteed (avoiding crack formation on joint areas and connection joints).

    Remove all residues of separating agent (formwork oil residues) and chalking or sanding substances. 

    Sound/Stable Existing Coatings:
    Coat matt (flat), slightly absorbent coatings without pre-treatment. Roughen/sand glossy surfaces and enamel coatings. Use Matador Feinputz for filler treatment, if necessary.

    Unstable Existing Coatings:
    Remove unstable coatings of enamel, emulsion paint or synthetic (organic) plaster. Apply one priming coat of OptiGrund on highly porous, sanding or absorbent surfaces.
    Remove unstable coats of mineral paint by mechanical means and remove all sanding dust.
    Apply one priming coat of Caparol-Tiefgrund TB or AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger.Coats of Glue-Bound Distemper (Limewater Colour/Paint):
    Completely wash off and apply one priming coat of Caparol-Tiefgrund TB or AmphiSilan Putzfestiger.

    Woodchip/Ingrain, Relief or Embossed Wallpapers (made of Paper) and Non-Adherent Wallpapers:
    Remove wallpapers completely and wash off all adhesive/glue and residues of waste paper. Apply one priming coat of Caparol-Tiefgrund TB or AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger.

    Surfaces Stained with Nicotine, Water, Soot or Fat/Grease:
    Remove nicotine, soot or fat/grease stains by washing with tap water, adding a fat-dissolving household detergent, then allow the substrate to dry well. Clean dried-up water stains by dry brushing-off. Apply one insulating coat of Caparol-Filtergrund grob (coarse). Follow Technical Information No. 845.

    Wood and Derived Timber Products:
    Apply one priming coat of Capacryl Holz-Isogrund. Prime melamine resin laminated panels with Capacryl-Haftprimer.

    Fill all deep holes by suitable means.

    Existing, Stable Lime Filler Techniques:
    Remove sintered skin by sanding and remove all dust very thoroughly.
    Complete a wetting test on the thoroughly sanded surface. If it is negative, then the complete layer of lime filler has to be removed and the substrate must be build up again properly.
    Positive wetting test on sanded surface: Apply one priming coat of AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger or Caparol-Tiefgrund TB.

    Preparation of Material

    Calcino Romantico is delivered ready-to-use and should not be stirred.

    Method of Application

    Priming Coat:
    After having completed all necessary substrate preparations apply one priming or intermediate coat of Capadecor DecoGrund or Caparol-Haftgrund. The substrate must be levelled with Matador Feinputz, if uneven substrates or seamless surfaces are to be coated (full surface treatment).
    For this the additional priming coat of Capadecor DecoGrund or Caparol-Haftgrund can be omitted. 
    A reinforcement fleece should be embedded in the filling compound (Akkordspachtel), if cracks are present in the plaster surface.

    Structural cracks can be subjected to extreme movements. Hence a durable and invisible crack covering/bridging by filling technique is impossible, even when reinforcement fabric is used.
    Calcino Romantico is directly applicable when the priming coat is thoroughly dry. Two working phases, consisting of multiple procedures, are needed to obtain the final surface finishing effect:

    Special Advice:
    Keep tools always clean and use them carefully. Clean the seam of buckets/containers regularly.
    Dried product should not be allowed to fall into the material being used. Always cover the material surface with a plastic sheet during breaks to avoid premature drying. The product must always be applied without dilution.

    Working Phase 1 / Technique: Authentico:
    One full surface trowel application of Calcino Romantico in the desired colour shade, drawn to the grain size of material. Allow to shortly flash off, then remove burrs using slight pressure. For this the use of a medium sized scraper (240 mm x 100 mm) is suggested.
    This coat must be allowed to dry for at least 12 hours, thus avoiding flaking in subsequent work steps. Cooler and moist weather conditions extend the drying time. 

    Working Phase 2 / Technique: Authentico:
    One full surface trowel application of Calcino Romantico in the desired colour shade, drawn to the grain size of material. Allow to shortly flash off, then scratch the surface with the tools rear side and partially levigate the scratched surface.
    For this the use of a medium sized scraper (240 mm x 100 mm) is suggested. 
    For surface rubbing use ArteTwin, Venetian or plastic trowel.
    The gloss level of surfaces with a flat moist appearance can be enhanced a little by partial compaction using a polishing trowel.  


    Allow the surface to harden for 3 to 6 days to ensure a proper carbonisation of lime (do not apply an impregnation). Discolouration may occur with premature treatment.
    The surface finish (roughness) of Calcino Romantico may lead to a higher consumption of impregnation paste and in addition the colour shade may be altered, thus a previously applied test area on site is essential. 
    Apply an even, thin coat of impregnation paste Calcino-Imprägnierpaste (Technical Information No. 905) with a non-scouring Venetian trowel. Allow to shortly flash off and remove excess material with a soft cloth. Allow to dry, then wipe again. The application of excess material may cause a slight whitish fogging effect (surplus of pumice dust) which cannot be objected. Wipe off again to reduce this effect.


    Type Authentico: Approx. 600 g/m2 per coat.
    Type Travertino: Approx. 1,000 - 1,500 g/m2 for the 1st work step; approx. 600 - 800 g/m2 for the 2nd work step.

    Consumption may be considerably increased on roughly textured and highly absorbent surfaces, depending on the desired effect (visual appearance). Determine the exact amount of material required by coating a test area on site.

    Germany: See the corresponding Caparol Kreativdatenblatt (Creative Data Sheet) for design technique Travertino under

    Application Conditions

    Lower Temperature Limit for Application/Drying: + 10 °C for product, ambient air and substrate.


    • Venetian smoothing trowel with rounded edges.
    • Polishing trowel.
    • ArteTwin trowel or similar plastic trowel.

    Always the same trowel can be used for each working phase.
    Damaged tools lead to noticeable striae formation on the surface. Sand new tools with 400–600 grain sandpaper to make them usable.
    Tools used for applying coatings of Calcino Romantico should not be used for the application of Calcino Classico.

    Tool Cleaning

    Clean tools immediately after use with tap water.
    Only clean tools should be used for application.

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    Calcino-Imprägnierpaste (impregnating paste) does not protect against direct splash water loads (limescale formation) or soiling caused by substances with content of fat/grease, acid, tar, caffeine, theine or discolouring substances that leave marks.
    Slight surface soiling is directly removable with warm water, adding a neutral household cleaner, if necessary. Note: Do not use descalers.

    Special Risks (Hazard Note) / Safety Advice (Status as at Date of Publication)

    Causes serious eye damage. Causes skin irritation. Do not breathe vapours/spray. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Use personal protective equipment as required. IF SWALLOWED: rinse mouth. Do NOT induce vomiting. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. 


    Materials and all related packaging must be disposed of in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authorities. Particular attention should be made to removing wastage from site in compliance with standard construction site procedures.
    In Germany: Only completely empty buckets/containers should be handed in for recycling. Dispose containers with residues of liquid product via waste collection point accepting old paints and enamels. Dispose dried/hardened product residues as construction site/demolition/municipal or domestic waste.

    EU limit value for the VOC content

    of this product group: non-existent (not applicable).
    This product contains < 1 g/l VOC.

    Substances of Content - Declaration

    Calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, water.

    Further Details

    See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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