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Demanding substrate for personal areas

Create high-quality substrates

For use in personal residential areas, the ready-to-use manual fillers have proven their worth in various areas of application.

The Caparol AkkordLeichtspachtel is characterised by its smooth processability and sandability. It therefore forms the basis for particularly fine surfaces. 

For classical application, the Allrounder Akkordspachte mittel and fein are the fillers of choice. Akkordspachtel fein fein in particular is suitable as substrate preparation for subsequent decorative coatings.

In rooms subject to increased moisture load, such as bathrooms or kitchens, we recommend the use of Akkordspachtel KF. This special filling compound is characterised by a higher degree of moisture resistance than conventional dispersion fillers and therefore offers higher stability in the respective areas of use. 


Paste-based filling compound with exceptional processing handling

  • Very smooth processing
  • Thicker layers dry without cracking

Filling compound ready for application and spraying with very low net weight and high application thickness.

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Akkordspachtel mittel

Highly filling painter's filler for manual processing

  • High filling properties
  • For universal application

Repair filler to even out larger irregularities.

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Akkordspachtel fein

Smooth, pore-free thoroughly drying fine filling compound for the very highest demands

  • Priming coat for decorative designs
  • Easy recoating

High-quality smoothing compound to achieve particularly smooth surfaces.

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Akkordspachtel KF

Special filling compound with increased moisture resistance

  • For classical damp rooms
  • Ready for spray and trowel application

Filling compound for rooms with an increased moisture load

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