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Capaver® wall coverings

Glass fabrics and fleeces for coating – inspiration for creative walls

Walls are all around us, at home and in the public sphere. Within limitations of feasibility, it is the objective of application workers, architects, planners, building owners and, not least, the residents to transform them. We from Caparol would like to help realise your ideas. With the Capaver® wall coverings and a wide range of coating materials Caparol offers you a product range in line with market requirements for the modern design of wall surfaces.

  • Clear and homogeneous structures
  • Optimum movement capability in adhesive bed
  • Clean-running seams
  • Saving on the material application of the final coating is possible
  • Labels with colour scheme and structural information
  • Multifunctional single carton for cleaner working


Classical, uncoated fabric structures:
high quality, moisture resistant, hard-wearing

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Economical decorative design with precoated glass fabrics

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AquaAktiv fabric

Highly efficient adhesive application with precoated and prepasted glass fabrics

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Special fleeces for reconstruction, reinforcement and design

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Decorative coatings for Capaver® wall coverings


Classical, high quality wall glaze for indoors.

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Effect coating with a precious gold appearance.



Effect coating in a stimulating silver gleam.


Capadecor Effekt

Effect coatings and pigments for exceptional walls