Discover the three new colour worlds and their variations— the varied one, the delicate one and the lively one.

After a phase of black, grey and beige shades, we are now noticing a trend towards colourfulness. This is due to current developments: on the one hand, we long for structure and a sense of security, on the other hand, we wish for light-heartedness, for easiness and cheerfulness. At the same time, we have the opportunity to make a conscious, lasting change—and also feel the desire for it. Yet despite all the dynamics of reality: trends develop at their own pace, and so all there is for now is a sensitive, subdued shade that nevertheless boasts great expressive power: mauve.

The rich colour world of wild mallow is a source of countless variations—of shades and emotions: fresh and cheerful with a dash of rosé, as with our Trend Colour of the Year Rosé-Mauve and its varied Colour World 1; calm and airy with the greying shade of Powder-Mauve in Colour World 2; or completely relaxed in the violet version of Lavender-Mauve, the confident principal shade of Colour World 3.

The focus is on Rosé-Mauve—and our longing for happiness and light-heartedness.