ROSÉ-MAUVE Flamenco 110


Rosé-Mauve Flamenco 110 is the Colour of the Year 2022: with its joyful and carefree aura, it carries us off—away from our well-considered everyday lives and into a world of possibilities! This mauve shade, in particular, varies confidently between red and violet, has warm and cool components, and can thus hardly be determined. Depending on how you combine it, this shade can create very different effects, ranging from soulful to exuberant,

yet always maintaining its own elegance. This is typical of all mauve shades anyway: the elegant charm and admirable balance. And what’s more, they come in an unusually wide range of shades—from delicate rosé to light lilac and pale purple to reddish violet or bluish lavender.  As rich in variation as nature itself!

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