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Facade design

Inspiring surfaces for the insulation of facades.

The material and colour of the facade define the character of a building. We offer a uniquely broad range of facade cladding, creative techniques and effects also for thermally insulated buildings.

Surfaces, as a part of the architecture, can have very different textures: smooth or rough, hard or soft, reflecting, mirroring or matt. Colours extend from light to dark, vibrant to unobtrusive and have various colour nuances.

Classic facades call for traditional materials and colours. Modern buildings can be given a more progressive look with the use of innovative materials or the creative application of proven materials.

Caparol offers a versatile range of materials and opportunities to individually design ETICS facades: The range extends from plaster textures and paints to creative techniques and effects as well as the use of natural stone and ceramic cladding.

Let yourself be inspired by our brochure "Inspiring surface".