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NQG3 – High performance for your facade!

Longer clean x quicker dry x longer beautiful

Opt for facade paints with the new NQG3 formula! The ground-breaking NQG3 technology combines nano-quartz-grid structure with extraordinary colour brilliance. The intelligent drying management is new: Moisture spreads across the entire surface and evaporates at an extreme speed – just like a functional running shirt. Special benefit: Extremely fast drying reduces the risk of algae and fungal infestation even more.

The three-dimensional nano-quartz grid provides a special hardness with a clearly reduced soiling tendency. Adhesive agents do not swell, the protective function and brilliance of colour is retained.

With NQG3 facades stay clean longer, dry quicker and retain their beautiful appearance longer. Never before has there been this much NQG performance for facades!

NQG3 – at a glance:

Longer clean:

Secure protection against soiling

The proven NQG technology is based on a hard surface of a mineral nature that does not have a tendency to thermoplasticity and stays hard even under extreme exposure to the sun. This decisively prevents soiling as a result of dirt particles, fine dust and spores. Whatever does end up sticking to the facade will be washed off with the next rainfall. Adhesive agents do not swell, the protective function and brilliance of colour is retained.

Quicker dry:

Intelligent drying management

Moisture is transported outward even faster – with NQG3 facades dry verifiably quicker. This has been scientifically proven on the basis of specially developed measurement and test procedures within the framework of multi-level comparative tests.

Longer beautiful:

High brilliance of colour

With nano-quartz-grid technology, during the production of the organic binding agents, the nanoscaled silicate particle bind inseparably to the remaining bonding particles. The colour-fast inorganic pigments are firmly bonded within the grid. The benefits are minimum chalking, long colour stability and high brilliance of colour.

NQG3 – only the best

Ideal coating for every area of application

Maximum weatherproofness