Capatect 3D-Anputzleiste 659

Plasterstop profile for joints with 3-dimensional movement between ETICS surfaces and fixtures.

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Field of Application

Plasterstop profile for rain-tight joint-sealing including 3-dimensional movement between ETICS surfaces and fixtures like windows and doors. The profile is made of 2 pre assembled elements: One profile with self-adhesive sealing tape. The second profile is clicked into the first profile. It is fitted with a fabric strip for overlap with the reinforcing fabric and a removable protectiv strap with rated break point.
Suitable for Capatect ETICS A and B. To be fixed without screwing.
ETICS = External Thermal Insulation Composite System
   Brit. term: EWI = External Wall Insulation
   Am. term: EIFS = External Insulation and Finish System

Material Properties

  • Flexible connection of the plaster shell with fixtures
  • 3D motion possible
  • Flexible joint sealing without screwing
  • propper and clean joint, permanently sealed against driving maintenance-free joints
  • The two-part profile can be slid together
  • Fabric strip based on Capatect-Gewebe 650 (identic quality - no mismatch)
  • Protection of the sealing tape by an additional sealing lip
  • Protective strap with rated break point for cover of the window frame, no additional adhesive tape necessary
  • Self-adhesive, simple processing without subsequent cleaning
  • UV-resistant
  • Reduced sound transmission

Packaging/Package Size

Carton containing 25 units of 2.2 m = 55 m


Profile compound: white
Fabric strip: orange


Horizontally, tensionless, protected from continuing solar irradiation, heating and mechanical stress.

Technical Data

  • Fabric strips of Capatect-Gewebe 650, 135 mm wide
  • Materials: Profile  polyvinyl chloride (PVC), sealing foam Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)
  • Plastic sections with PE-sealing strip 13 x 3 mm
  • self-adhesive film
  • TPE-joint and seal
  • Movement recording by "rubber-like sealing lips and joints"
  • Profile width = 13 mm

Product No.


Substrate Preparation

The substrate must be even, clean, dry, firm (sound) and free from all substances that may prevent good adhesion. Check adhesion on original fixtures.

Note: Fixtures have to be installed in a durable and safe way in accordance with approved standards to insure a safe joint sealing to ETICS


per meter joint: 1.0 [ m ]

Application Conditions

Processing Temperature +5°C to approx. 30 °C during application and curing for ambient air and substrate


Mark exact positioning of the reinforcement along the fixtures.
Attach the profile at the marked position  using the self-adhesive soft foam strip and press intensively. Fix the insulation board without gap along the body of the profile behind the fabric strip.
Fix window protective films on the removable strap with the adhesive strip if desired.
For further processing embed the fabric strip overlaped with the adjacent fabric. Finish the ETICS systematically as designed. Finally cut the protective strap off carefully.

Note: Avoid a prolonged time of pre-assembly prior to the application of insulation boards; wind might influence the adhesion of the profile.
Repeated removal for adjustment may cause delamination.


Dispose remaining material as per EWC 170 904 (mixed construction and demolition waste)

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Technical information

Technical information