Capatect Putzträgerplatte 091

18 mm plasterboard for special constructions

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Field of Application

Special constructions like bridging of sun-blind constructions, blind casings and protrusions within Capatect ETICS A and B.

Material Properties

  • Epoxy-bonded board with expanded glass granules
  • Double-sided fabric-reinforced
  • Low weight
  • Easy to cut and drill
  • Fire behavior A2-s1, d0 as per DIN EN 13501-1, (non-combustible)

Packaging/Package Size

75 boards on pallet corresponding to 72 m2




Horizontal, dry, protected from moisture.
Do not expose to the weather.

Resistance-count for diffusion µ (H2O)

< 10 as per DIN EN ISO 7783

Raw density

approx. 510 kg/m3 as per DIN EN 1602

Tensile strength under flexion

≥ 1400 N/mm2 as per DIN EN ISO 14125

Fire behaviour

A2-s1, d0 as per DIN EN 13501


18 mm

Area-related mass

approx. 9 kg/m2

Product No.


1,200 x 800 x 18 mm


Complementary products / bits and pieces
092 Capatect Aluminum profile, L-shaped 25/40 mm
093 Capatect rivet
094 Capatect board screw


1 m2 per m2 plus offcuts

Application Conditions

Processing temperature: +5 °C to +30 °C for substrate and ambient air during mounting and curing of the used adhesive. Germany: Respecte ATV DIN 18345 Punkt 3.1.3 (unsuitable climatic conditions)


Mounting the boards as bridging of sun-blinds as example:
All substrats must be load-bearing, level, clean and free from residues that may prevent good adhesion.
In order to achieve finally a flush surface for the reinforcement layer, install 2 cm thinner insulation boards (compared with the overall area) in the area of the bridging plasterboard. Apply the intended adhesive mortar onto the thinner boards to fix the plasterboard  - well adjusted to the adjacent insulated surface.

Cutting the plasterboard:
The plasterboard can be tailored using standard tools (cutter knife, saw etc.).
To achieve good stability the plasterboard should be ≥ 500 mm wide while the ratio of the bearing surface to the free overhang (max. 300 mm) should be about 2: 1. The length is given by the opening to be bridged. It is to overlap 250 mm with the insulation boards at each side of the opening.

The plasterboard Capatect Putzträgerplatte 091 can be fixed on EPS and mineral wool insulation boards with Capatect Klebe- und Armierungsmasse 186M or Capatect Klebe- und Spachtelmasse 190 using a square-notched trowel ( 8 x 8 mm) in order to achieve a full-faced adhesive layer. Border joints between Platerboard 091 and adjacent insulation boards must be closed with Capatect filling foam 056/00.  Joints within the plasterboard plates must be smoothed with the used adhesive mortar.

Placing of anchors:
Anchors are to place after a sufficient curing of the adhesive mortar: At least 4 Capatect Universaldübel 053 per panel. The exact number of anchors is to calculate depending of the wind load on site. They must be placed flush with the surface of the Capatect Putzträgerplatte 091. Countersunk placing of the anchers is not possible. Boreholes of 18 mm ø (caused by the thick upper shank of the anchors) must be drilled in a double-row with a min. distance of 125 mm to the edges and 250 mm between the anchors.
If high numbers of anchors are required an exact planning of borehole positions is essential.
When using elasticized EPS boards, the thickness of the boards is 20cm limited.

Use a double reinforcement  along the boarder joints between plasterboard and insulation boards and along joints between to plasterboard pieces 
Use Capatect Klebe- und Spachtelmasse 186M, Capatect Klebe- und Spachtelmasse 190 or Capatect CarbonSpachtel - reinforced with Capatect Armierungsgewebe 650/110. Minimum reinforcement layer thickness: 4 mm.

The lower blunt end is formed with the Capatect  L-shaped aluminum profile 092 (25/40 mm), riveted with Capatect board rivet 093 (5mm pre-drilling).

Installation, Fixing, Cut

Note: Damaged Capatect Putzträgerplatten 091 may not be installed.

Protect installed Capatect Putzträgerplatten 091  against moisture, direct sunlight and frost. They should be coated as soon as possible with a reinforcement layer.


Avoid wastage from site in compliance with standard construction site procedures and national regulations. The boards 091 and all related packaging must be disposed in a safe way in accordance with the full requirements of the local authorities.
Germany: Dispose of as mixed construction and demolition waste: 170904. (with the exception of those who fell under 170901, 170902 and 170903).

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