Capatect Raffstorekasten MW 040 678

Venetian blind box made of mineral wool in U- or L-shape within the Capatect ETICS and facade systems

LV Texte

Field of Application

Prefabricated box to create efficient and accurate lintels and to store venetian blinds and shading systems.

Material Properties

  • Ready-to-mount element
  • Produceable in other dimensions
  • Inbuild aluminum rail for the installation of lamella blinds
  • Front as apron for rendering
  • Optionall: Integration of an airtight electrical box
  • Minimizing thermal bridges
  • Simple and efficient installation
  • Note: No use as a fire barrier

Packaging/Package Size

Depending on order


Mineral wool insulation: brown-yellow
Fleece coating: white, anthracite approx. RAL 7015 or alternatively according to RAL possible
Render apron: beige-gray


Dry and protected from intense sunlight.

Technical Data

  • Material: Fleece-laminated mineral wool with 10 mm plaster base board as apron
  • Shapes: U-shaped with insulation board on backside
                 L-shaped without insulation board on backside

Heat conductivity

Rated value of the insulation board: 0.040 W/(mK)

Supplementary Product

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Capatect Raffstore Verbindungswinkel 678/08
Capatect Raffstore Verbindungswinkel Ecke 678/18
Capatect Raffstore PTP-Profil 678/07
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Capatect Universaldübel 053
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Product No.

678/04    U-shaped with plaster base board as apron and insulation board on backside
678/05    L -shaped with plaster base board as apron, without insulation board on backside
  • Length: cut to size according to specified dimension
  • max. element length 2 m
  • Elements over 2 m total length are supplied in several parts

Substrate Preparation

Substrates must be stable, dry, level (DIN 18202 or 18203), clean and free of adhesion-reducing residues. If necessary, pretreat substrates according to the processing instructions of the adhesive mortar.


1 m/m

Installation, Fixing, Cut

Fabrication / cutting:
The "Capatect Raffstorekastens MW 040 678" is manufactured in the required installation length.

Cutting to length on site is not possible.

Range of application:
The application limit of the "Capatect Raffstorekastens MW 040 678" depends on the characteristic wind load:

  • The max. wind load is 1.0 kN/m2.

Installation / adhesion:
To create a driving rain-tight connection, an appropriately dimensioned joint sealing tape must be applied at the transition to the window frame before bonding the gathered shutter box.

Bonding is carried out with mineral adhesive mortars according to the edge bead point method or by edge bead with additional mortar strips in the surface. A minimum bonding contact area of 60% must be maintained. On flat substrates, full-surface bonding using the floating-buttering method is possible. Sufficient lateral support, left and right of the building opening, must be observed.

If the "Capatect Raffstorekastens MW 040 678" is installed beforehand and not in the process of façade insulation, the box must be secured against slipping.

After the external venetian blind box has been aligned plumb and flush, at least two anchors per element (e.g. "Capatect Universaldübel 053") are used to secure the position. It is important that the anchors are not yet fully tightened to avoid twisting of the external venetian blind box due to the still soft adhesive at this point.

This method is also recommended for rows with several elements.

After the adhesive has cured, the Capatect external venetian blind boxes MW 040 678 are fixed. The elements are anchored flush with the surface using screw anchors approved by the building authorities, e.g. "Capatect Universaldübel 053" with a minimum of 3 anchors per m. Previously placed anchors for fixing/securing the position are finally tightened.

In order to ensure flush countersinking of the anchor plates when using the gathered door box with render carrier board, the render carrier boards must be pre-milled with a milling attachment.

Applying in a row:
"Capatect Raffstorekasten MW 040 678" over 2 m in length are supplied in several parts and joined together in the joint area with "Capatect Raffstore Verbindungswinkel 678/08". If external venetian blind boxes are installed around corners, they are connected to each other with the "Capatect Raffstore Verbindungswinkel Ecke 678/18".

To do this, glue the unperforated leg of the external blind connection bracket to the inside of the external blind box apron using "Capatect Fugenmasse MS" and also fasten the perforated leg in the aluminium rail using the corresponding self-tapping screws.

The joint area of the individual elements is bonded to the insulation end faces with "Capatect Fugenmasse MS" when they are brought together.

Special features: For rows of "Capatect Raffstorekasten MW 040 678", "Capatect Raffstore PTP-Profil 678/07" is recommended as base coat. In this case, a joint of approx. 3 mm must be formed. Joints between the render carrier boards are closed with the planned base coat before the surface base coat is applied. In the vertical and horizontal joint area of the render carrier board to the surface insulation, a double mesh is to be inserted.

Base coat:
The base coat and finishing coat are applied as in the system build-up of the supplied ETICS. The max. render weight is to be limited to 12 kg/m2. Use in ETICS with hard cladding is not possible.

The shading system is attached to the aluminium strip after completion of the ETICS work. The max. dead weight of the external venetian blind system must be limited to 15 kg/m. The installation of the external venetian blinds and the electrical connection are carried out by authorised specialist companies.

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Technical information

Technical information

Product recommendation:

Capatect Fugenmasse MS

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