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Even more certainty

So that facades stay beautiful in the long term: The special nano-quartz-grid technology combines the benefits of silicone-resin paints and silicate-based paints – and thus ensures a waterproof surface with low soiling tendency and maximum colour stability. An added service that has been consistently further developed in our proven NQG paints ThermoSan, AmphiSilan and Sylitol-NQG, which are currently in their third product generation.

Optimally advised

The optimum colour selection for the NQG product: Our colour fans Facade A1 and Facade A1 CONCEPT contain select colours that display the currently highest degree of colour stability in accordance with the Fb code. With these two design tools, painters, plasters, architects and colour designers can advise their customers with the greatest degree of certainty. Ideal for consultations on-site – quick and easy in terms of handling.

Further detailed information on Caparol premium facade paints with nano-quartz-grid technology and the colour fan Facade A1 can be found here.