From Storeroom to Studio

…or how a new trend colour reaches the wall?

"WE SIMPLY NEEDED MORE SPACE," says interior decorator Ferry Helène – in 2011, he joined forces with interior designer Stephanie Schubert from "Frag die Raumgestalter". This made the extension of his parents' house interesting, which was formerly used as a printing shop for business stationery, later housed a bookbindery and was finally just a storage room. The conversion into prestigious work rooms was carried out by themselves and took about three months. The newly designed interiors are now used for customer consulting, sampling and as offices. His partner's photo studio is also located there. "Sharing the rooms was important to us, we enjoy working here and are doing it well - the right decision," says Helène.

On the one hand, the aim of the design was to emphasise the room functions through the colour effect, and on the other hand, to inspire customers with the design and motivate them to use more colour. The entrance area is an effective eye-catcher with deep expressive blue. It forms a distinctive highlight alongside the smoothed green-grey gable wall a concrete look that connects the ground and upper floors. The chosen colour combination is suitable for a prestigious entrance as well as for meetings. The upper floor is completely different: the aim here is to create a consistently quiet working atmosphere. A light nude hue makes the dark roof beams stand out. The gentle, warm terracotta of the gable wall rounds off the harmonious overall impression. The atmosphere of the room supports both concentrated work in the office and the generation of ideas in the creative area.

Eye-catcher terra, blue & khaki – Click here to get to the matching Colour Worlds.