Now we want to have a playful experience!

Reality finds its way into the digital world

What do Pokémon Go, poetry slam in the underground, freshly rolled sushi and colour scouting have in common? They all bear witness to the new "experience". Playfully perceived experiences, the exchange and competition with others in almost all areas of life is gaining in importance on the value scale of social needs.

Behaviour that is conspicuous and lasts over a longer period of time immediately gets formative terms from researchers. "Gamification", for example. Translated, one could also say: play instinct in the truest sense of the word is in - playing is a current social trend. With everything that goes with it. Winning and losing, tactics, and strategy. What is new is the desired interaction with real people and an authentic environment.

An excellent example of this is the smartphone game Pokémon Go, which conquered the world in an incredibly short time. Pokémon Go manages to combine the simple concept of digital games with the real world. Players no longer sit in front of their computer screen alone at home, as is usual with online gamers, but move around outdoors, looking at the world through the smartphone camera image, often surrounded by numerous other Pokémon Go fans who do the same. A new dimension of communal, active experience. Everyday life becomes a playground. Gamification penetrates the most diverse areas of life.


"EpicWin" is the name of the application that turns even the most boring everyday task into an exciting adventure: cleaning and laundry are turned into an adventurous fight and everything is easier to do. Other online games even direct the player's motivation on socially meaningful community tasks. The Institute of Art History at the University of Munich, for example, uses the game "Artigo" to have works of art tagged. "PhotoCity" is a kind of photographic paper chase that ultimately serves to create digital 3D models of entire cities from playfully captured image data. The individual experience is always to the fore.

Public transport is no longer just a means of getting from A to B, but also a stage for musical talent and aspiring poets. The hassle of doing the shopping becomes a shopping experience when sushi is not simply taken out of the refrigerated shelves but rolled fresh and live in sight of the buyer. The measurement of the personal body mass index in the sports department makes the purchase of trendy fitness sneakers seem sensible. In short: Whoever as a supplier of goods and services takes advantage of the experience trend can expect noticeable success!

Focus on wall design: from customer pitch to experience-based consulting

Today, one also wants wall design to be an experience. Creativity is required, for example to present new colour trends vividly or to develop individual colour concepts interactively and playfully with the customer on the screen. Sensual experience plays a role when the process of creating surface structures can be experienced haptically or when visual stimuli of glossy and matt effects open up new spatial perspectives. Experiences create appreciation and thus a positive atmosphere towards those who have created them. Mostly, however, and this is the beauty of positive, collective experiences, they are something special for everyone involved!

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And maybe you will also find the little blue cactus, which is hiding here in the really is!