Sneakers – That's how a Trend Develops!

From sports to the fashion world: "Schleicher" are a mass phenomenon

In the German translation they would probably have been less successful in Germany: you just don't want to be walking around in "Schleichern". It's different with "Sneakers". Names also play a major role in trends. The era of cult sneakers began as early as the 19th century when it was possible to produce rubber soles. A big advantage compared to leather - especially in sports. What began with sports has established itself as a trend to this day. The impetus for the rise came from the upper class - they were happy to afford the expensive and specially designed shoes for tennis or croquet. In the 1970s, they moved from sports to the fashion world.

Business in Trainers

Starting in the 90s, business people broke their strict dress code on "Casual Friday", among other things with cool sneakers. Today, many parts of society wear the coveted shoes on almost every occasion. The exciting thing: The trend never seems to end. Sneakers have a persistently high fashion potential. Depending on the model, they embody the spirit of the times.

The trend often starts on the street

Just as sneakers once came from the sports field, today trends often begin in a subculture on the street. Currently, bloggers and scouts are out and about in most American cities looking at the feet of rappers, sprayers, skateboarders. What they wear sometimes has cult and trend potential and fascinates everyone!

Phases of Trends: from emergence to replacement
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Sneaker Design 2016:

The current trend colours and combinations appear again!