The Colours We Will Love Tomorrow

Trendscouting is a comprehensive process that involves a great deal of passion. Our "Love Story" shows you the most exciting stages

People always have a need for something new and for variety. Trends are the result. But how do they emerge? Your demanding customers in particular want to see the latest trends on the wall. That is why we are tracking them down year after year...
Looking back leads to the future! Trends are always based on what already exists. Ongoing observation and evaluation of colour cycles are part of our job - well-founded knowledge is the basis. Which trends existed in the 1950s, 60s, 70s - which ones in the last two years? What colours are newly nuanced and combined? How long does a trend last? We'll find out!

When tracking down trends, we turn into international street workers! Our search leads us through streets, into cafés, past shop windows. What do we notice? Where will we find it again? Maybe in blogs, in magazines? What repeats itself is in any case considered a "trend" suspect...

Suddenly it's there: the trend. Sometimes it emerges where nobody suspects it! One person does something, another person sees something - and... thinks it's cool. And then it appears in the form of colours or motifs. In fashion, furnishing or accessories. At first occasionally, then often and increasingly often. Like our cactus.

Our gut feeling needs certainty: We should find the colours that we think are trend-setting again at the relevant trade fairs. Then colour impressions become concrete: We register possible trend colours.

The formation of groups begins: All scouted colours are sorted according to colour themes. Which nuances and combinations best reflect the observed trend? We'll know after careful analysis.

Now it is time to check the possible trend colours in detail. How do these colours appear in the interior, on the wall, under certain lighting conditions? Those who don't pass the test are out! Or are modified: brightened, greyed, differently nuanced... How exactly is this done? Further insights are available here.

Creativity comes into play - the wall design is created. We define colours and surfaces. From all the nuances of the scouted colour themes, individual ones are selected and declared a "trend". The most exciting moment: the implementation in a real building. We look, doubt, test, are finally quite sure and record everything in motion pictures. Attention, camera!