Dachshund colours

What a dog's life

No two dachshunds are the same. This is already evident from the variety of colour nuances of Dachshund furs. Whether longhair, shorthair or rough-haired dachshund, the colour range spans from single-coloured golden blond, red blond and red to brown and black. Two- or multi-coloured spotted, brindle or less frequently striped furs are standard. Have you ever asked yourself which type of dachshund suits you best and, above all, why?

We have - with a wink - made our very own dachshund sorting. Strictly by fur colour, of course. Some people claim that dogs are not only lazily lying around, but that they also beautify the room. If that's the case, why don't you match the interior of your home with the fur look of your faithful four-legged friend?

Dachshunds make you happy…

Prominent artists and dachshund owners such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol or David Hockney already knew this. Picasso's Lump, Warhol's Archie & Amos as well as Hockney’s dachshund inspired their masters. Their depictions became icons in modern art and photography.

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