Dachshund Cult!

The rediscovery of a dog and the favourite accessory of German drivers

"Waldi" is a thing of the past: they are called Jürgen, Karl or Gustav and they are hip. The dachshund is a cult dog and is a companion of hipsters from Hamburg to Munich. A stubborn dog with short legs, which was once associated with loden coat and tradition, has evolved into a decorative object and adorns fashion and furniture items as a trend motif.

The dachshund is trendy, but why?

Wilhelm II already had a dachshund and made it a status symbol for the bourgeoisie. The phenomenon of the fashion dog was born and at the same time the first of three dachshund phases. The second one appeared in the 1970s, currently we are falling in love with dachshunds for the third time.

Typical for a trend - long time in oblivion and all of a sudden everywhere present again. This is also true for the dachshund: in magazines, social networks, blogs, on notepads, T-shirts and jute bags as well as on the street, you again fall for the charm of dachshund's eyes.

You will find even more curious dachshund knowledge here.

What makes the dachshund so special?

An elongated body, relatively short legs: its original function as a badger and fox hunter characterises its breed, which is fearless, self-confident and stubborn. But much more important actually is that the dachshund is the epitome of "real cosiness" and stands for originality and identity.

But what does it have to do with Caparol trend colours?

Tranquillity, familiarity, harmony – the Caparol trend colours 2018 convey a room atmosphere that reflects our longing for secureness and safety. An atmosphere that you associate with homeland because you feel at home in it. Trend colours and trend objects thus have the same message and together they stand for pure cosiness.

Ludwig, our iconic dachshund, belongs to the team and guides you through the new edition of Caparol UNIKAT as a trendsetter.

Dachshund Ludwig is looking for a harmonious home!

Breed: short-haired nodding dog
Coat colour: forest green
Age: Retro but new 2018
Origin: Original from Germany 

As the current trendsetter of Caparol UNIKAT #2, it is always on the move and loves Caparol's "Colour of the Year": 3D Patina 40.

Looking for a loyal companion?
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À propos nodding dog

The nodding dog never gets tired. Whether a cheerful nod or a calming wobble, the dachshund has been shaking its head since 1965. The dachshund's favourite place: the dashboard or the rear shelf.

The dachshund became the most popular accessory for German motorists in the 1970s and was almost regarded as a standard accessory for cars. Considered stuffy, often in combination with the crocheted cover for toilet paper rolls, it lost popularity over time. But it never completely disappeared. The TV appearance of the nodding dachshund in the Aral advertisement in 1998 brought it back behind the windscreens for a short while.

Today, its big comeback is imminent and we retrieve the plastic figure from the drawers, because we wouldn't want to miss the faithful dachshund eyes. One thing is clear: The nodding dachshund is iconic!

Good to know…
…The term nodding dog is also used in the professional world for people who let anything through on the nod.