Setting the natural tone:

Here they are - the new Caparol Trend Colours 2018

Tranquillity, familiarity and harmony…
…through familiar deep forest green, soft pastel contrasts with contours, natural freshness, and calm elegance with expressive effects. Immerse yourself in the 4 colour worlds…

The Caparol trend colours 2018 convey a room atmosphere that reflects our longing for secureness and safety. An atmosphere that you associate with homeland because you feel at home in it. Green sets the tone, above all a deep dark, elegant forest green – Caparol’s "Colour of the Year". Blue blends into the combinations in different nuances, but with a restrained effect. Meaningful, on the other hand, are subdued, greyish nuances from rose to mauve and other adjoining hues.

Skilfully staged harmony

How can the colours be combined, what do they look like in the room?