Colour World 1

Familiar forest green – newly staged

The Shades

Eye-catcher forest green, rose + brass

Longing, quiet, forest idyll – this colour world allows us to immerse ourselves in the deep tranquillity of a walk in the local forest, which receives its magical peculiarity from a clearing with bright highlights. Rooms in this trend world turn into a relaxing retreat; it conveys security and support without being monotonous. The combination of rose and red shades widens the scenery with a touch of exoticism. Soft to intense sorbet shades become an invigorating eye-catcher. In combination with an elegant brass shade, they round off the design. Despite this striking accentuation, the almost fairytale melancholy is preserved. A greyish, muted moss green, which softens the contrast, harmoniously unites the combination of natural shades of green with floral rose.

The Surfaces