DisboPOX W 447 2K-EP-Universalharz, wässrig

Water-thinnable, 2-component solid epoxy resin coating for wall areas and floors in trade and industry, exposed to low or medium traffic loads.


  • Good chemical resistance
  • Resistant to disinfectants
  • Can be decontaminated according to DIN 25 415
  • Diffusion-capable; suitable for magnesite and anhydrite floor pavements (screed)
  • Emission-minimised, tested and supervised by TÜV (Technical Control Board)

Tested according to the AgBB testing criteria for VOC emissions from interior building material.
The criteria of the AgBB (Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten · Commission for the sanitary evaluation of building material) are elaborated by the ecological and sanitary authorities for the use of building material in »delicate/sensitive« areas, as e.g. lounges.


Priming coat

Mineral substrates
Disbopox 447 E.MI Wasserepoxid
or Disbopox 443 EP-Imprägnierung
approx. 200 g/m2
Hard asphalt screeds
Disbopox 447 E.MI Wasserepoxid
approx. 200 g/m2
Capaver Glass Fabrics and Capadecor AkkordVlies-Z
Disbopox 447 E.MI Wasserepoxid
approx. 120–200 ml/m2


Floor spacesapprox. 200–250 g/m2 per coat
Wall areasapprox. 120–200 g/m2 per coat

Surface design (floors)

Chips to be strewn
Disboxid 948 Color-Chips

approx. 30 g/m2

Smooth sealing
Disbopur 458 PU-AquaSiegel

approx. 130 g/m2

Slip-resistant sealing 
Disbopur 458 PU-AquaSiegel
Disbon 947 Slidestop

approx. 130 g/m2
approx. 4 g/m2

The exact rate of consumption is best established by a trial application on site.


Satin-gloss/satin-finished (mid sheen)


  • Standard:
    5 kg packaging: Pebble Grey (Kieselgrau)
    10 kg packaging: Pebble Grey (Kieselgrau), Concrete Grey (Betongrau), Off-White (Altweiss)
    and White (Weiss)
    40 kg packaging: Pebble Grey (Kieselgrau), Concrete Grey (Betongrau)
    Special tints are available on request.
  • ColorExpress :
    Can be tinted to more than 21,000 colour shades via the ColorExpress station on site. 
    The FloorColor plus colour collection allows exclusive colour design.
    Depending on the tint, Base 1, Base 2 or Base 3 can be mixed via the ColorExpress station.

    Discolouration and chalking effects may occur with weathering and UV light exposure. 
    The pigmentation in, e.g. coffee, red wine or leaves (organic dyestuffs) and various chemicals, e.g. disinfectants, acids, etc., may cause discolouration. Scratch-marks may appear on the surface due to continued rubbing/mechanical stress. The functional capability of the coating will not be affected by these changes.
    Slightly pigment abrasion may occur on the surface in case of intensive or dark shades; a special surface treatment/care or the application of a transparent sealer may be necessary.

Product recommendation:

DisboADD 947 Glasperlen (Slidestop)

DisboADD 948 Farbchips 2 - 4 mm

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