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Capalac Aqua 2K PU-Lack – has never before been this hard

The extremely resistant enamel generation has arrived!

Painted surfaces are subjected to extreme wear especially in schools, nursery schools, hospitals or other highly frequented areas from public institutions to restaurants. Jolts, scratches, chafes, aggressive hand perspiration or frequent cleaning with disinfectants and cleaning agents are part of the daily routine at such locations. Traditional enamels quickly reach their limits in such situations.

The newly developed highly resistant Capalac Aqua 2K PU-Lack can withstand even extreme mechanical and chemical wear. A special hardener ensures that the coating film is hard and tough yet still remains elastic. General chemical resistance is tested on the basis of DIN EN ISO12720. An overview of tested substances can be found here.

In addition,  Capalac Aqua 2K PU-Lack scores with its excellent processing properties, can be diversely tinted with ColorExpress and delights with its satin surface. Fine, robust and low maintenance: This new enamel generation is truly convincing!

Capalac Aqua 2K PU-Lack – at a glance: