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Wood research Austria

Benefit from experts in wood researchers

The wood research institute "Holzforschung Austria (HFA)" was founded in 1953 and is the largest independent research and test institute for wood in Austria.

The tasks of Holzforschung Austria involve the testing and monitoring as well as research and development in all areas of the wood sector from storing of wood in the forest, wood processing to the different products and wooden materials.

The HFA caters to its customers as an external research and development department for wood coatings. After the individual coating systems have been examined, the manufacturer is entitled to place the HFA test seal on their label and on their products and this to market and distribute them as tested coating systems.

Since 1996, the HFA has been accredited for more than 300 test and monitoring procedures in accordance with national and international standards. This covers the requirements from all areas of the wood sector and the rest and monitoring reports have the status of legally valid documents and are recognised as such at an international level.

Caparol is also currently having Holzforschung Austria test their wood coatings in order to market its products as such. Initial tests have already been completed and by the end of the year, the coating systems that Caparol has registered will be able to bear the test seal so that you can make a mark with tested quality.

The new HFA test seal of Holzforschung Austria is settings the standard for tested quality.