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The timeless one

Bungalow built in the 1960s/70s

Architecture of by-gone days? No way!

Spacious rooms with an open layout and without any stairs. These are advantages that will never go out of style. All you need is a few clever design ideas to turn the drab bungalow of yesteryear into a modern oasis.

Spacious & modern


Facade accent

Window frames:

Window reveals:


  • 3D Granite 40
  • Capatect-ArmaReno base

Some only see the drabness. We see a canvas for your ideas.

Accentuated & friendly

Expanding the windows and the entranceway renders a generous amount of light. The offset facade is highlighted by using two different shades of terracotta. The wine-red front door serves as an accent and the grey-blue columns provide a wonderful triad, which gives the building a very warm and friendly and friendly atmosphere.

Facade 1:

Facade 2: 


Front door:

Window frames:


  • 3D Granite 30
  • Capatect-ArmaReno base

Clear & innovative

The living space was nearly doubled by adding a further floor. The expansion of the flat roof, enlarged window and door openings as well as the glazed balustrades of the new roof-top terrace contribute to an architecture with a very innovative atmosphere. Facade surfaces with creative technique Autentico in light grey and an entrance wall finished with smooth plaster in neutral grey, an orange coloured Capapor monitor in the upper floor as well as blue accents increase the aesthetics of the building's clear design. An ode to the future!

Facade 1 incl. reveals:

  • 3D Palazzo 20
  • Creative technique Autentico

Facade 2 incl. reveals:

Reveals of the cut-outs in the upper floor:


  • RAL 2004 Pure orange
  • Capatect-Capapor-Fassadenprofil (board profile)

Window frames:

Front door:

Roof edge: