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Specialist knowledge

Always well informed

As a specialist Caparol dealer, you get your knowledge delivered to your doorstep for free:

Handel aktiv

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The trade journal Handel activ is published several times a year and contains the latest news on product innovations, actions and offers and provides useful background information and offers suggestions for customer consulting. Here specialist dealers report – for instance, on the market situation, special customer needs and successful measures.

The Caparol Newsletter

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The monthly newsletter provides information on product news and sales actions, announces seminars and provides valuable tips in the areas of processing and marketing.

Info-Compact for specialist retail

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More and more users benefit from the special service of Caparol dedicated only to specialist retailers. With "Info-Compact for specialist retail" you receive important information on product innovations and marketing support by e-mail. A service benefit, always up to date and directly from the source. Make use of this competitive edge for your business!