Facade Design

Individualisation and Identification

A Facade shows Its Colours

The design brief for the residential complex of GEWOG at Dr.-Salvador-Allende-Str. 17-29 in Bad Salzungen was clear: "Our newly renovated facade should have a striking appearance without losing its relationship to the location"! It quickly became clear at the ColorDesignStudio that a special solution was needed. Interior designer Eva Helterhoff and art student Daniel Eyrich then developed various design approaches. The most striking one is addressing the location of the residential building, Dr.-Salvador-Allende-Straße. Directly connected with this name is the Chilean state, whose flag finally provides the basis for the unusual facade design:

Each Flag Tells a Story

The Chilean flag is a combination of three colours:
blue represents the sky and the Pacific Ocean, white stands for the snow of the Andes and red for bravery.

Showing One's Colours

The colour and structure of the flag are interpreted and alienated on the façade. For some viewers, the building appears to have an appealing but unusual design after its renovation. For connoisseurs, it is a unique identification with the location - a facade that shows its colours. For all, it is an unmistakable, striking look that significantly increases the value of the apartment building and appeals to building owners and residents alike.