Colour World 2


Here, it’s all about the essentials: our Colour World 2 appears in a reduced and low-key style, with shades that blend closely together and the intention of remaining all by itself. This light, almost minimalist world comprises open spaces, natural materials and graphic contrasts. The delicate, the filigree comes up against the rough, the structured—and thanks to the calm, light hues, these contrasts merge effortlessly into a new harmony.

This is also visible in the surface finishes created for this. The broken-up, mineral structures do not exude any unrest, but instead add a charming depth to the lightness. Nothing distracts, everything is real, reduction without renunciation.

The Colours


At first sight, this trend colour seems introverted and sensitive—but soon you realise: the softly veiled Powder-Mauve is a beauty of character. And a wonderful companion! This shade allows space, lets the pale pastel shades shine and is yet able to defy the darker hues.

The Mood Board for Colour World 2

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The Surfaces

Colour World 1

Colour World 1

Colour World 3

Colour World 3