Colour World 3


A world full of natural, warm, solid shades—very powerful and with strong feelings. Actually, life in all its splendour enters the home, intense and inspiring, all respect! Yet thanks to the strong leader, every colour shade finds its place and the atmosphere in the room feels pleasantly casual, warm and tidy regardless of the combination.

The specially developed surface finishes of this colour world also illustrate how to make things exciting: they all play with shine or mica, with the metallic, the material. Generally, a creative mix is allowed—old and new come together, technology joins forces with nature, the home fulfils new functions. The motto is independence. And a little improvisation is expressly welcome.

The Colours


A misty, faded violet, reminiscent of lavender fields, heads our Colour World 3. It is a rather cool shade that has what it takes to calm the intense colours of its lively world: the perfect supporter—for the warm spice nuances as much as for the complementary finer hues.

The Mood Board for Colour World 3

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The Surfaces

Colour World 1

Colour World 1

Colour World 2

Colour World 2