Colour World 1


This colour world frees itself from outdated conventions and draws on the abundance of possibilities. For this is the only way to create daring combinations: cool nuances with warm shades, the emotional with the objective, special design objects with the look of different eras.

Does that sound extravagant? Yes, because for those who have their own ideas, it’s okay to be out of the ordinary. And the new surface finishes alone demonstrate that opposites do not automatically have to be striking—they present diversity in gradients, they combine the shiny and the matt, the textured and the smooth, the light and the dark in a soft and flowing way.

The varied Colour World 1 is an invitation to discover. Headed by the light-hearted Rosé-Mauve, it offers many happy and carefree moments and—depending on the combination—also strong feelings.

The Colours


The fresh, blithe Rosé-Mauve is the Trend Colour of the Year and is guaranteed to bring plenty of pleasure and enjoyment. In a varied colour world, it turns on the charm and entices you to venture out, to try the unusual. At the same time, Rosé-Mauve elegantly and confidently mediates between the cool and the warm—and it has already turned our heads ...

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The Surfaces

Colour World 2

Colour World 2

Colour World 3

Colour World 3