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Have you ever wondered which nuances are behind the new 101 Caparol enamel colours?

Questions for Andreas Martin, Product Manager for enamels and stains

The Caparol colour collection contains typical enamel colours. Research conducted by the Caparol ColourDesignStudio has shown that many shades come up over and over again in the area of enamels in Europe. These are typical enamel colours that we see day in and day out. Plus there are also special regional characteristics, such as the colour turquoise in Verona or the green shutters of the German region of Bergisches Land. And similarly, there are regions all over Europe in which a certain colour is used more frequently. The typical region colours have a special label on the back of the colour indicating the specific region, e.g. Grachtengroen (NL). These nuances are depicted in LackChamp. Light, greyed nuances are located in the front part of the fan, whereas clear, vibrant colours up to the very important near-black shades are located in the back part of the fan. The 101 new Caparol colours are highly suitable for various types of enamel surfaces.

Is the LackChamp just a colour fan?

Besides the most recent updated Caparol colours, the new LackChamp also contains the frequently used 3D, RAL, metallic and pearlescent shades as well as mica colour shades. In addition, it also contains a wide variety of information for daily work with our Capalac and Capacryl products that are documented in no other medium with such a practical orientation:

  • ColorExpress tinting technology
  • Lightness values
  • Labelling colours for tubing
  • Gloss degree sample card
  • Standardised company colours
  • Measuring aid for surface determination

The new LackChamp boasts a wide variety of new options – and it is a true aid for whoever works with enamels!