Familiar and exquisite: Forest green sets the tone.

Caparol selects the deep green shade 3D Patina 40 as the colour of the year.

Colours are a strong means of expressing trends. This applies to trends in the fashion and product sector as well as to the social and cultural level. The domestic forest not only offers recreation and relaxation as a natural environment - it is also fascinating as a sustainable system. Due to its current media presence, the topic of nature - and thus also the forest - is penetrating into all areas of society, from business to culture.

The forest is the theme, whether it's literature best-sellers* or interior design. This is also true for colour trends: a deep, dark forest green is Caparol's "Colour of the Year". A colour that is trendy but at the same time conveys familiarity. It thus corresponds to our new, modern confession of home that we associate with familiar images, feelings and also colours.

Forests - habitat and shelter for native wild animals

Forests - habitat and shelter for native wild animals
Did you know? Protecting wildlife is a matter close to the heart of Dr. Klaus Murjahn. He actively supports the "Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung" (German Wildlife Foundation), which is committed to the conservation of wild animals and native fauna. More information can be found at
*Bestseller P. Wohlleben, “The Hidden Life of Trees”, William Collins, 2017

Forest green in a modern context

Forest stands for nature, nativeness and longevity. It is a myth in literature and music. Thus, the dark nuance of forest green seems deeply familiar, but at the same time mysterious. Like a fairytale, almost mystical, it captivates us and lets us visually experience the atmosphere of the forest inside a room. Forest green is not subject to any change, it therefore differs from the transience of a fleeting, spring-like pale May green. Like the evergreen of fir trees, it conveys constancy, and thus reliability. Attributes that correspond to our need for safety and secureness, attributes that we associate with "homeland". Since our everyday life is meanwhile shaped by virtual and international influences - whether by foreign languages or travelling - we interpret "homeland" in a contemporary global context. This is exactly how modern colour design presents itself: forest green is connected with a current trend harmony.

The traditional-looking, dark green shade is combined with a touch of exoticism and unfolds its wonderfully exquisite elegance. Colours do not only become trend colours by choice, but also by their combination - and in the right combination of nuance, structure and surface they are harmoniously expressed. This is what makes up competent design! Effect pigments are often used when a surface needs to have a special texture. Changes in shade and gloss of paints and varnishes can create a special highlight in the room. The visual eye-catchers are created by the light conditions and the variation of the viewing angle: special glitter effects are created when presented in the proper light.

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