Today an often missed feeling.

Mobility and globalisation arouse the desire for constancy, originality and identity. We think globally, are constantly on the move and extremely flexible. The internet is forcing speed and volatility: Who is an influencer, who is a follower? What is real, what is digital? A life characterised by constant change and virtual presence demands constancy, authenticity, identity, and locality. The world is open to the young generation who, however, posts images of dirndls, mountain hut atmosphere, flower fields. Homeland celebrates a revival and its attributes are more in demand than ever.

This is evident not only in traditional costume fashion, holidays in the mountains, the range of regional products or the cultivation of dialects, but also in the modern transformation of the term. What's behind this? Homeland is not so much a definition of a person's origin as it is an individual associative space for one's personal environment and affiliation. Homeland is the feeling of where one belongs. It is a need for security, for a shelter from an insecure outside world, for a retreat to a simplified, private positive world. Homeland is a synonym for family and friends or simply an expression for "having arrived home".


"Home is not connected to one place... Often it is just a certain smell, a line of a song or a certain word that makes you pause and think of home. Your roots, your origins come to light... a short moment of melancholic longing, which is over very quickly…." 
Sybille Abel

"Home is not necessarily my birthplace or the place where I come from. Home is the place where I feel comfortable, to which I feel attracted and where I like to be. For me, it can also be people who embody my homeland…"
Marcus Loewe


"The city/the district where I grew up, where all my childhood memories are located, this place means home to me. A place where my family lives and where I feel comfortable. Where people greet me on the street and my dialect is spoken, I feel at home." 
Ingo Bickelhaupt

"Often you only get to know the feeling of home when you are abroad. When you leave your secure environment and you're homesick. In your memory, the stories from your homeland really come to life and you are happy to recount them…" 
Daniela Volk

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