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Architectural colours inspired by the colours of nature

Have you ever wondered which colours have a natural effect on facades and what the reason is for this?

Questions for Petra Ruhnau, colour designer ColourDesignStudio

1st What is so special about this colour collection?

The CaparolColor Compact fan offers a colour range that is inspired by the colour spectrum of nature. Pebble, slate and granite form the basis with impressive dark grey nuances to light shades of white. Discreet earthy facades and walls can be optimally created with colour series such as Terra or Havanna. These colour shades support the idea of a stable house made of natural materials. For bright facades, we have the new colour families such as Ara, Canari, Limitte or Donau. These are perfect for fresh shades and small, vibrant accents on the facade.

2. What do you recommend the colour fans for?

Due to the easy and straightforward selection of 210 colours, the fan makes it possible to make easy and quick decisions on site. Vibrant-active as well as discreet-elegant solutions can be developed. Tone-in-Tone designs are child's play with the brightening levels. The fans contains a sufficient number of highly vibrant and clear colours for facade accents and interiors.

3. How do you use the fan for consulting purposes?

I choose the preselection of the colour theme directly with the CaparolColor Compact fan. For this, the comparatively large single colour samples with sanded surfaces are particularly helpful – especially when trying to imagine what a facade would look like.

My tip: Check the colour samples under light and shade conditions in the interior and/or on the facade. This can also be done during different times of day or weather, as this has a decisive effect in the colour. For interiors, the selected colour should be checked under the respective artificial lighting conditions.

Ideal for this are the original colour samples in DIN A5 format from the CaparolColor Compact colour card module. These are, as are the new fans of CaparolColor Compact produced with "true colours". This makes is possible to be able to ascertain the colour with great certainty: The colours of the fans and the colour card samples are identical to the subsequent wall coating with interior paint – no matter which light source is used.

An even better assessment of the paint coating can be made on cardboard or wood in 100 x 70 cm. Prior to applying the final coat of paint I recommend creating a large sample surface.